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Our Specialties

The latest approaches and services for your connectivity needs.

Machine Learning

Ingest and analyze data. Take advantage of the latest developments in artificial intelligence to enhance your product and capabilities.


Deploy solutions to the cloud. Link up your enterprise to the Web, work remotely, and get your team connected. Upgrade your capabilities with project, document, and password management, CRM, ERP, dashboards, and much more.

Software Development

Develop, test and deploy custom software components.

Our Services

Mix and match our expert skills for your unique project needs.

Internet of Things + Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence

We leverage the newest deep learning tech, including keras, big data, and more.

Sensor Connectivity

Remotely capture data from all your sensors.

Circuit Design

Create useful and cost-effective components for your PCB-based products.


Design and deploy cloud infrastructure.


Secure your infrastructure and reassure your clients.

New Product Development

Give your idea the greatest chance of success.

Intellectual Property

We have successfully prepared patents, trademarks, and IP contracts in collaboration with legal professionals.

Project Management

Collect requirements, define milestones, monitor progress and generate live reports.

Our Process

Tailored solutions demand a rigorous process.

Our business model is to provide professional services to companies. Depending on your needs, we come up with a statement of work (SOW) and provide a quote for that work.
Some contracts are fixed-price, while others are set at an hourly rate, and some larger projects are open contracts where we bill our work up to a monthly cap.

Our sweet spot is in the high end of the market, focused on IoT and machine learning. We look for projects that require either hardware design or machine intelligence.
Typically these projects involve a cloud computing component.
We solve tough problems using A.I. and/or circuits.













About Us

Meet the team behind the brand.

Expertise counts. We know software, hardware, cloud, grants, infrastructure, and more. We are great at what we do, and we want to help you to be great at what you do.
We identify problems, sometimes problems you didn't know you had. With our structured approach to consulting, we know how to identify risks and inefficiencies, and close those gaps.
With a positive attitude about change that comes from loving what we do, we get the ball rolling within your organization. We provide objectivity in our assessment of your requirements, and that second set of eyes often picks up on risks and opportunities that were overlooked.

Daniel Shapiro, PhD


Specializing in infrastructure and cloud deployment, Daniel is an experienced developer with a strong focus on software.

Mathieu Lemay


Mathieu (Matt) is the go-to guy for any electronic circuit or dashboard system.

Herschel Caytak

PhD Candidate, Researcher

Herschel is a biomedical and bioelectronics engineering professional with expertise in regulatory submission and approval processes for medical devices.

Vikas Kumar

Associate, MSc

Vikas is a software developer with experience in building Web applications using J2EE, JSP, Servlets, Web Services (SOAP), XML, JDBC, Python, Node.js and Basic understanding of C#, C++.

Prasanthi Bobbili

Associate, MSc Candidate

Prasanthi has a Computer Engineering and Data Science background, with 5 years of Experience as a Design and Software Engineer at General Electric (GE).

Patrick Li

MBA, Cloud Solution Architect

Patrick is solution architect and software developer with experience in private cloud and public cloud etc.

We do the dirty work to solve your problem. Clients often reach out to us when they get stuck and need some muscle to get out of the mud.
Innovation is hard to quantify, but easy to recognize. We bring to the table new ideas that work.
We teach your team relevant information wherever possible so that you can learn from our experience. As they say, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


Twitter sentiment analysis thumbnail

Twitter sentiment analysis

This artificial intelligence interprets Twitter posts to determine the overall impression of Twitter users regarding a given search term.

E-mail validation thumbnail

E-mail validation

See a demonstration of server-side validation tools able to ensure that an e-mail address is valid. chatbot thumbnail

Dialogflow (API.AI) chatbot

Dialogflow allows users to converse with a program through either text or speech.